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19/01/2017 - Procedure - Obtaining Temporary/Guest User logins
19/01/2017 - Email Virus Threats
19/01/2017 - Procedure for changing Staff Passwords
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     Policies and Procedures
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Policies and Procedures

The IT Support department and its services operate to various policies and procedures, and these are detailed under the different categories below.

  Acceptable Use Policy
   Acceptable Use Policy
Email Usage Policy
  Data Storage Facilities
   Staff Data Storage
  IT Security Policy
   IT And Data Security Policy
   Banning a Student from the Network
How to contact The IT Help desk
LC Policy
Open Hours of the IT Help Desk
Reinstating Network Privileges to Banned Student

  File Management
   File Extensions
File Formats
File Names
Files and folders
Shared Drives on the College Network
Storing files and data
  New Users
   Getting an email account
Online User Account Request form
Student Accounts
  Safe Computing
   Backups and archiving
General rules of safe computing
  Using the Network
   Forgotten password
How to change your password
How to log in

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