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Welcome to York College
IT Systems and Services 2014

Welcome to York College's IT Systems and Services Website. We have a wealth of services that can promote the use of Information Technology in the curriculum, and aid teaching and learning. Please explore our pages of How-To-Guides, find out how to access your cloud storage space so you don't loose any homework, why USB storage is handy, but can be a high risk strategy for keeping the only copy of your assignments/class preparation on, many answers to commonly asked questions, for example what is an MFD and how do we implement them, and a whole lot more.

Introduction to your ITSS Team

There are 11 FTE staff in ITSS, including a manager, a team leader, desktop support, infrastructure support and systems support staff. Like many great teams, we have a mix of male and female highly educated professionals with degrees, HND's and vendor specific qualifications, bringing different skills and disciplines together to produce an effective service force. Many of us have been involved with computing, and electronics since the late 1970's, and worked in international industry. As you would expect from IT industry professionals, we share a real passion for providing the best service we can and value for money for our college community.

What are we working on?

We maintain 1500 desk top computers, 700 laptops, 150 servers, 150 data switches, 736km (460 miles), of network cabling, 160 WiFi access points, 185 teaching walls, 350 software applications, 4 million e-mails each month, and running dozens of developmental projects simultaneously. All this hardware and software needs a lot of maintenance like updates, data backup, servicing, replacement etc. Alongside this the team answers an average of 42 help desk calls a day. The service runs 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, providing access to data, e-mail and web access from across the globe. We have supplier relationships with dozens of manufacturers and supplier organisations. If we do not have the expertise to accomplish a specific task we will often employ a consultant or agency to provide the assistance necessary.

How is our service determined?

Our service is shaped due to the demands of our customers - learners and staff. We design and plan towards these demands within the constraints and availability of products and services provided by our IT industry, laws and industry practise, and the funding allocation we work with.

Would you like to submit a work request from ITSS?

Members of staff can submit their work, account or software installation on the links below. If your a learner, please ask a member of staff to enter a request on your behalf.

Your staff LOTUS NOTES log-in is required, please click this link: 'Staff Area'

Alternatively you may use one of the three quick links immediately below:

Quick Tips:

Forgotten your password?
This is one of our most frequent requests:
  • Learners, please visit the Learning Centre help desk on floor one, and re-swipe your card and receive your printout with new password.
  • Staff, please take your staff card and visit either the LC Help desk on Floor one, or visit the ITSS Office and we can help you. Unfortunately we cannot help you over the phone due to identity verification requirements.

Telephone Help Desk

If all else fails and the website does not yield the solutions you need, then why not give us a call on our help desk, or come and see us in person and meet the team:
  • Please call x411
  • Visit our office/workshop 2F029a

If you would like to see more information on our website, please contact Chris Greenfield through e-mail, and we will try and help.
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