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19/01/2017 - Procedure - Obtaining Temporary/Guest User logins
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19/01/2017 - Procedure for changing Staff Passwords
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Procedure - Obtaining Temporary/Guest User logins

Date: 01/19/2017

The following system is in place for tutors to obtain Guest user accounts on the College network.

1. Accounts are available from the first floor helpdesk in the Learning Centre.

2. Guest Accounts into sets of 10, each account has 2 logins so a pack of 10 will get 20 people logged in.

3. Tutors will need to collect the accounts in Person and sign out for them in the book provided.

4. We will need to arrange and agree a return date for the numbers.

5. Once the numbers have been signed out and used, the tutor then needs to tell us when they are finished with them so we can reset them.

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