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New Administration Account Application

For New Members Of Staff

How to obtain a Network User Account:
  • Ask any colleague or manager to go to the College intranet page ( and click the link IT Support Website’, or type the following into a browser address bar:
  • Follow the link to the Staff Area of the website that contains utilities for staff.
  • A security log in screen will appear. To log in the “Lotus Notes Online Password” (password for gaining lotus notes e-mails from home), needs to entered. Once in the Staff Area, click the link ‘Submit User Account Request’ on the page.
  • If help is needed, please read the ITS Procedures page ‘online’ for details and if still unsuccessful, please contact the help desk on ext 411.
  • The requester will fill in an online account request form and click ‘Submit’. Before the form is processed by ITS, a security e-mail is sent to the line manager for confirmation; and by clicking the appropriate security link within the e-mail, the manager confirms the go-ahead for the account creation to begin, (preventing bogus or spoof requests).
  • The line manager will be e-mailed shortly, with the new log-in details, to be given to the new member of staff.

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