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19/01/2017 - Procedure - Obtaining Temporary/Guest User logins
19/01/2017 - Email Virus Threats
19/01/2017 - Procedure for changing Staff Passwords
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Articles for Internet

  Accessing your Wireless Network at Home with your Tablet.
Can I change the colour scheme of my browser?
Can I select a font that the website will be displayed in
How can i check for newer versions of a page?
How can i set internet explorer to display the English Language
How do I delete my cookies?
How do i search for something?
How do i set a page as my homepage?
How To Import/Export Internet Favourites
I don’t have access to the Internet, its not working?
Is it possible to change the text size of a page on the internet?
What does WWW. stand for?
What is a Cookie?
What is a URL?
Which browsers do the college use?

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