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19/01/2017 - Procedure - Obtaining Temporary/Guest User logins
19/01/2017 - Email Virus Threats
19/01/2017 - Procedure for changing Staff Passwords
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Articles for General FAQ's

  An application I am working on is ‘hanging’, what should I do?
Can I back up my user area on to CD?
Can I bring in my laptop?
Can I bring in my USB memory stick?
Does the college have CDROM facilities?
How can I copy a folder from my user area to a USB memory stick?
How can i insert a mathematical symbol in MS Word?
How do I use a scanner?
How should i save a Microsoft Works document so i can open it at college?
I have some software on CD can i put it on the Network?
Inserting the Equation Icon into the Toolbar
My password says 'invalid', what should I do?
My user area is full what do I do?
Software Installation for Home PC's
What are the common keyboard shortcuts?
What if I delete a file by mistake?
What is my college email address?
Where can i download Adobe Acrobat reader?
Where can I use a scanner
Which drive is my network area?
Why can't i download files?

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