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File Extensions

When you save your work with a different file format, the file extension may change. If you are unsure which application to open your work in, the file extension will help you to work it out. For example, the file extension for Word documents is .doc (e.g. college.doc) - so if your file has this file extension it should be opened in Microsoft Word, although you will not be able to identify which version of Word the file was created in.

Some common file extensions are:

File ExtensionFile Format/Application
. docWord Documents
. dotWord Document Template
.docxWord Document office 2007 upwards
. exeExecutable File
. gifAn image file (GIF format)
. jpgAn image file (JPEG format)
.mdbAccess Database
.pptPowerPoint Presentation
.rtfRich Text Format (RTF)
.txtText Only
.wpdWordPerfect Documents
.wpsWorks for Windows
.xlsExcel Workbook

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Article created on 02/10/2004
Article last modified on 28/01/2014

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