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Files and folders

It is good practise to create folders in your network area to keep your files tidy and also so you can find them.

For example a student has specific modules within their course and they can save all the work for each module into its own folder for ease of use.

To create a folder within windows explorer:

Double click on your H: drive (the one with your name on it) and then click on “file” at the top of the toolbar and then go to “New” this will load a drop down menu, click on “folder”. A folder icon will appear in your area. The folder then needs to be named.

To create a folder when you are saving a document within Microsoft Word:

Click on Save As
Make sure your h:\ (The one with your name on it) is selected
Then click on the “create new folder” icon along the top
The folder needs to be named and then if you double click on this folder you can save the file you are working on in word straight into this folder.

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Article created on 02/10/2004
Article last modified on 15/04/2008

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