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Storing files and data

Every login account comes with a personal network storage drive called the H:\. This is identified within my computer as the drive labeled H:\ with your name on it.

There are also departmentalised area's on the X:\ drive for shared documents and files. Please see your team leader to request access for your departments shared folder if you have not already got access.

All users are warned never to save data on the local hard drive of a PC (The C:\ drive). IT Systems & Services will erase all hard drives regularly for upgrading and network maintenance purposes without notice. We have no obligation to save any data on any local C: drive. Please do not ask any IT Systems & Services personnel to preserve any data stored locally.

If the amount of network storage space is insufficient, we have provisions to help, please follow these guidelines:

1. Please check your user area to make sure that you have no outdated material, or files no longer of use that may be deleted which can make more space available.

2. If more space is needed, call the Help Desk on ext 411 and they can log a request to increase your user area, alternatively log the request yourself by filling in an online job request form on the IT Support website.

If you are a student you also get Microsoft Sky Drive storage space with your college email address. This will enable you to save your files to "cloud" storage, meaning that you can access your work from anywhere (providing you have internet access).

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Article created on 02/10/2004
Article last modified on 28/01/2014

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