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Staff Data Storage

ITSS provide secure storage space on the administration network for every staff user. The storage space is backed up daily, continually scanned for viruses and any file corruption that may occur. We invest heavily in the resources needed to maintain this fail-safe technology for the benefit of us all.

Everyday there are staff PC's have their hard drives wiped clean and new software installed. We no longer invest time in fixing small software problems on PC's, and because of the pressure to deliver an ever increasing workload, simply overwrite the drives with a new operating system and software.

Because we provide extensive provision for storing data on the server systems. We will not support any data being stored locally on a hard drive on campus. We will not attempt to save any work stored locally on a PC if any software problems are encountered, if a hard drive fails or a virus is found on the PC. Do not ask any member of ITS to do so as they are duty bound to decline.

ITS reserves the right to wipe any hard drive in College, at any time, without notice, in due course of its IT Operations. Any work stored locally on any drive is not recommended, is high risk to the user if lost, and entirely at the staff members own risk. No recourse is possible if any work should be lost and a complaint made.

If any ITS staff member finds any illegal software, offensive data which is believed may contravene the law, College or ITS written or working practise, the PC may be removed, hard drive wiped and management informed. Again this policy is encouraged to reduce any risk of the College being in breach of any data protection and software licensing rules etc.

Running the College Network is an expensive and highly complex operation. We always seek to provide the best service we can with the resources available.

This policy helps to ensure the safe operating of our extensive network, and continuous maintenance and upgrading.

Please contact us on x411 if any assistance is required, or for further clarification of the above guidance. We are pleased to help in any preventative or pro-active maintenance to avoid problems before they arise.

Thank you for your continued support.

Chris Greenfield
IT Coordinator

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Article created on 03/25/2004
Article last modified on 20/05/2010

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