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Banning a Student from the Network

1. All learners are asked to follow the simple rules set out by college for IT use on our premises. We encourage all Learners to use our IT services at college wherever possible, and will support you to help broaden and improve your skills, and increase your interest in successful computing. To ensure the IT experience is fair for all, we ensure that the standards of behaviour that have been set, are constantly maintained. The College maintains its services for the benefit of the whole York community, and will maintain standards that best meets those objectives.

2. A learner may find themselves banned from either internet connection, or if circumstances dictate, a complete network ban for a fixed period. This decision is not made lightly. Usually students will be kindly asked to amend their behaviour, and usually this is sufficient to solve any difficulty as it arises. Persistent offenders may have letters sent to their tutors informing them of enduring problems, and a coordinated approach is used to attempt to modify behaviour.

3. If this approach does not yield a change in behaviour, either internet privileges or a fixed network suspension will be initiated. Also if an incident is deemed to be of significant breech of behaviour, then the college may impose an immediate suspension, which will have to be negotiated with members of staff to be released.

4. We log all internet, printing and log-in behaviour. The systems date and time stamp all activities and all systems monitored by personnel daily. All learner areas are automatically searched for unacceptable content, and if such material is found, may cause an immediate network ban without consultation. And will be the responsibility of the student to negotiate their account's release. This may not be possible under gross misconduct circumstances, as a fixed term suspension may be imposed, which is non-negotiable.

5. Please remember that the College does not suspend accounts without reason. If an account is disabled, then the Learner has banned themselves entirely by the consequences of their personal choice to ignore rules and standards.


a. Students may find themselves disconnected from the network for rudeness, misbehaviour, rudeness and/or intolerance to IT staff requests, eating or drinking while using IT equipment. Leaving workstations untidy, abusing the equipment physically etc. or loudness. Warning notices are placed in each classroom, no excuses can be listened to.

b. The student may have their account suspended or their Internet access. A personal record of behaviour will be created to monitor any further behavioural anomalies.
c. A second serious offence may result in a fixed period suspension of account regardless of educational/social circumstances.

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Article created on 02/10/2004
Article last modified on 28/01/2014

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