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Acceptable Use Policy

Blackboard is frequently monitored by both tutors and system administrators. Everything that you do is logged and, for this reason, if you misuse the system, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT and banned!

WHEN you are caught, you will receive one warning only. Any further disruption means you will no longer be entitled as a student at York College to use Blackboard.

You MUST not……

Threaten, offend, abuse or harass any other users

Access, use or upload documents, files or images which are illegal, pornographic or offensive

Send any unsolicited advertising, chain letters, junk mail or spam

Make any defamatory or libellous statements

Access or change data or programs without authorisation

Illegally copy, transfer or store copyright material

Send any material which is likely to cause harm to this or any other computer system (eg which contains a virus, code, worm, etc)

Send any material which will have a negative effect on York College's reputation

Abuse equipment or facilities

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Article created on 02/24/2004
Article last modified on 16/04/2008

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