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LC Policy

Apart from the acceptable use policy, which every user has to agree to before gaining access to the college network. Other rules in the LC’s that we endeavour to get the students to adhere to are:

No Eating or Drinking – for health and safety reasons
Walkmans can be used at an acceptable volume level so only the person who's wearing it can hear it
Using chat rooms – the LC is a place for people to work and not for chatting to others if students are using machines to chat it means that other
students who have a genuine need to work might not be able to find a machine if they are all taken up by people on chat so we discourage this.
Playing computer games – this is for the same reasons as above
Damaging any equipment – obviously we want to discourage this as much as possible not only is it costly to repair any damage, but also affects the
students who do actually want to work if the machines are damaged etc.
* Mobile phones are allowed but must be turned to Silent mode.

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Article created on 02/10/2004
Article last modified on 20/05/2010

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