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Setting up internet access to your Notes mailbox

Please note that the current version of the mailfile uses pop-up windows to display messages or to create new messages. In most cases it should not be affected by pop-up blocking software due to it being from the same site as the main page, and not a third party site. However, if you find that you are clicking on a message to read or the 'new message' button and nothing is appearing, please check the top of the page for a warning that it has blocked the pop-up. If it has, please follow the instuctions on the warning to allow all pop-up from the site and ensure that it is only a '' site that is being allowed through.

If you have further problems accessing your mail from a web browser, please contact the helpdesk on 411.

When you access Notes/Domino resources such as your mailfile or the ITS online facilities via a web browser you will be prompted for a username and password. This logon information is separate from your Lotus Notes client password and your network usename and password.

The username can be your full name (ie. 'Test User') or the part of your internet email address to the left of the '@'. ie. for the user with the email address ' ', the username would be 'TUser'.

The internet password can be set from within Notes using the following procedure:

1. From the Notes Workspace, open the Staff Directory.

2. In the 'People' view, select your own account document and click the 'Edit Person' button.
(In this example, the 'Test User' account is selected.)

3. Click the 'Enter Password' button and type your new password at the prompt, then click 'OK'.
When you're happy with your password, click the 'Save & Close' button.

Please allow 5 minutes after changing your password for it to become live.

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Article created on 02/11/2004
Article last modified on 06/09/2007

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